Upcoming price revision for domains

  • 4th August 2023
Verisign and .XYZ registry will be increasing the prices of .COM and .XYZ domain registrations, renewals and transfers on 1st September 2023.As a result of this, we will be increasing our prices across levels.We encourage all interested, to register, renew or transfer before 31 August to enjoy existing rates.Should you have any inquiry about this, ...
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OpenVZ Virtualization Deprecation

  • 1st April 2023
We are writing to inform you of an important change in our virtualization technology. Starting from next month, we will no longer support OpenVZ virtualization technology and will only use KVM virtualization technology for all our servers.This decision is based on our commitment to provide you with the best performance, security and flexibility ...
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Now English has been the default language for our website

  • 1st February 2023
We would like to inform you that our website will switch from Vietnamese to English on February 1, 2023. This is an important step for us to expand our international business and serve the needs of global customers. We hope that this switch will bring you better experiences and more opportunities when using our services.We apologize for any ...
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Hỗ trợ AlmaLinux 9, và khuyến cáo nâng cấp Centos 7

  • 3rd December 2022
Hiện tại, AppVZ đã dần chuyển đổi sang sử dụng những phiên bản RHEL mới hơn (AlmaLinux 8, 9), trong khi phiên bản Centos 7 sẽ bị ngừng hỗ trợ hoàn toàn vào giữa 2024. Do đó, chúng tôi khuyến cáo khách hàng cũng nên nâng cấp sang các phiên bản OS mới để tránh những rắc rối ...
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