Support for PHP 8.3 Announced

  • Wednesday, 10th April, 2024
  • 01:55am

PHP 8.3 was released on November 23, bringing several new features and improvements compared to PHP 8.2. Here are some key differences between these two versions:

  • Typed Class Constants.
  • Deep Cloning of Readonly Properties: PHP 8.3 supports deep cloning for readonly properties.
  • Improvements for the Random Extension: PHP 8.3 provides enhancements to the Random extension introduced in PHP 8.2.
  • New Functions:
            json_validate(): Validates the correctness of a JSON string.
            str_increment() and str_decrement(): Increment and decrement numeric string values.
  • Enhancements for DateTime, DOM, and Intl Extensions: PHP 8.3 includes various improvements for these extensions.

These changes continue to make PHP a powerful and efficient tool for web developers.

If you or your customers are currently running websites using PHP version 8.2, this is a good opportunity to encourage incremental upgrades towards PHP 8.3.


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